Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fourth Of July

Couple photos of Lukas at the Park

This is a photo of the Whole Gang at Vinoy Park right
after the fireworks show.

Another of Lukas stuffing his face with Goldfish crackers.

Our 4th of July started out a bit uneventful. We went to Crisp park to play for a little while. Jacob had a great time because there several "new friends" to play with. They played tag, Monkey in the Middle, Army and other fun games. Then we headed home to pull out the Slip-N-Slide. The boys played on it for a while and then we sat down and had some lunch. Lukas took a good nap, but I couldn't get Jacob to nap for the life of me.

Around 3:00, Steve headed over to his friend's house (George and Polly) to celebrate the 4th. About 4 I realized that Jacob was simply NOT going to take a nap. Called Steve and then drove over to join him at George's house. We had the best time. The boys went swimming, we had yummy food, sang Karoke (well, I didn't sing, but most of everyone else did). Just hung out and had a good time.

Around 8:30 or so, we headed to Vinoy Park to watch the Fireworks.... MAN, was it crowded. Now I know why we normally walk there. We were fortunant enough to be driving down this street where a homeowner was standing outside and said we could park in her driveway. Believe me, THERE WERE NO PLACES TO PARK! Needless to say, we were extremely grateful. We watched the 15-20 min show and then drove home (which took forever!) Anyway, we had a blast and above are some photos from the day....


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