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In a healthy body, there are natural mechanisms that regulate the creation, growth and death of cells (called apoptosis). Through the natural cycle of life, cells divide to create new tissue as older cells die off. When tissue is injured, for instance by a cut on the hand, the body's cell growth regulators react by speeding up the process of cell division to create new tissue in the injured area as fast as possible. When the body has healed, the creation of new tissue through cell division goes back to the normal pace.

Cancer is a disease where the natural regulators malfunction and cells do not die off at the right rate. There is a failure of apoptosis, and as a result, cell growth exceeds cell death. Cancer cells divide without their normal control, accumulating into a mass of extra tissue—a tumor. As a tumor grows, it promotes the formation of new blood vessels (called angiogenesis) to bring in the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Cancer cells can also leave the tumor site and travel through the blood stream and lymphatic system (the network connecting lymph nodes throughout the body) to other parts of the body, such as the liver, lungs or bones. This process of cancer cells leaving the original tumor and appearing elsewhere is called metastasis (meh-TAS-ta-sis). In the new location, cancer cells may again begin to divide abnormally to create a tumor. A person with cancer may eventually die of the disease if vital organs like the liver or lungs are invaded and destroyed.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

I actually crafted this weekend.

Well, these are not super special, but they are done!
Photos from playing at the park in Jan 09. (Jacob -6 and Lukas 3)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Crop news and a shout out

Hi Ya'll,
Some of you know I'm working on organizing a scrapbooking crop to raise funds for the 3 Day walk I'll be doing in Oct 09. (I have to raise $2300) Things are just ticking along and I'm tickled PINK! If you are interested in the details click here.
So far I have the place and a couple vendors AND I have several companies/online kit clubs sending dontations to be used a prizes/goody bag items. AND I also have an excited LSS owner willing to help out. (

About a year ago I was getting 3 or 4 kits a month. (a couple were from design teams or monthly guest designers) I must say there are a ton of great kit club sites... I know because I'm visiting every single one I can find.

I must say "THANK YOU" to the following:

1. Create My Keepsake

2. Scrap for a Cure

3. It Kit studio

4. Crop Addict

Please if you have a few minutes, check out their sites. It will be well worth your time!

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