Tuesday, July 25, 2006

update on life

Life is precious....make the most of every moment you spend with those you love. And make sure those moments are many.

GOTTA see this

I watched it yesterday and then again today... I can't believe the strength of this
father and the determination of both -- father and son. SO inspiring.

So yesterday I decided I want to be stronger.. I decided to go running. My time is
limited and I've wanted to get into better shape for over a year now, so yesterday
I went running for about 30 minutes. I wasn't able to run the whole 30 minutes.. it was more like a jog/walk thing... Well -- today I am so sore! I could barely get out of bed. Ouch!
I'm going to do crunches today since my tummy isn't sore and then I'll try to run
again tomorrow. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and sign up for a race in the fall.
I use to run races when I lived in Colorado and they tend to keep me focused. Plus
I really want to loose these last 8 lbs.
Steve started running consistantly and I can really see the difference in his body. He's slim and his butt is quite a bit tighter (LOL!) He also likes to rollerblade, and I'm sure that helps too.

UPdate on Amazing race...
well, I was put in the Pit Stop again.. I guess I'm a little disappointed but I know not everyone can win. I'm still competing though... I still have a chance... if I get out of the pit stop this week
-- which is possible -- I might be considered. I think I just need to have "more spirit" -- yep, that's it -- find some SPIRIT!

I did start on both challenges for this week.
The Detour challenge this week is to
#1 Bead it
#2 Read it

in BEAD IT - you will create a layout beads on your page -- remember the more unique ways the better...!

in READ IT - you will create a layout using a torn out page from an old book or a page from a magazine somewhere on your page

I'm working on a READ IT layout and So far I'm loving it!

Next will be the Roadblock challenge
-- Make something out of Old CDs

I've started on this one too!

Well, better go get busy on these challenges.


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