Thursday, December 21, 2006

December - phase 2

MY boys in front of the Christmas tree

Jacob and Lukas looking at the ornaments on the tree.
(Me in the background.. "no, don't break that one!)

December -- phase 1

Here's my little Christmas Tree light helper.
Steve took Jacob camping the first week of December, so Lukas and I decorated the house. He had a blast helping me with the tree. (and he was such a good little boy!)

This is a layout I did for a challenge for the Scrappin_Fun Elsie Challenges. Yes, they are washing Steve's truck in December -- with NO SHOES on! Heck, it's amost 80 degrees out there!

Here's one of Steve taking Lukas for a scooter ride while Jacob rides his bike ("In the road")
This is a big deal, because Jacob is only allowed in the front yard if we are with him.

Here's another Layout for the challenges on Scrappin_Fun.
Jacob was acting silly and I caught a few good shots.

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