Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas of Dreams - Day 9

Wow, we are already into DAY 9!
Here's our wonderful sponsors of the day:
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What is the most unusual gift you’ve received? It doesn’t have to be bad, just unusual.
What was one of your favorite gifts? Do you think re-gifting is OK?

I have a couple I think were kinda unusual.
1- Chia pet from my grandmother.
2- Box of candy from a student.
Here's the story behind that one: After college I accepted a teaching position
in Bowman, SC. If know anything about Bowman, well I'd be surprised! Anyway, it use
to be quite rural...and I was in the minority....
Anyway, I taught kindergarten and one of my boys students brought me a box of
Christmas candy as a gift. Well I opened it and it was half gone... he said that he and
his older brother ate a piece or two on the bus ride to school. It was really funny!
3- One other. We had a gift exchange at a restaurant job I had one year... it was at
the Christmas party that we exchanged gifts and I got a freaking ham Bone! LOL!
IT was so freakin' gross!
It was one of those gift exchanges that everyone brings something and you pick the gift
you want under the tree... I picked that bone! LOL! (It was in a very pretty bag... I guess that's where the gifter spent the $5.00)

One of my Favorite gifts....
An Indian style gourd bowl that someone made for me while I was teaching.
It's beautiful!

Regift.. I don't usually. Opps! I take that back... I have once! I won a prize at a baby shower and it really wasn't my style... so I gifted it to someone who really LIKES it. (and I knew she would)
There is NO way she'll ever know that I regifted it. LOL!


Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind 1:52 PM  

I can just see that boy and his brother trying to be so good, but still breaking into the candy. How cute.

Momstart 12:19 AM  

I would like to see the bowl

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