Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas of Dreams -- Day 11

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If you could only pick one food to eat on Thanksgiving, what would it be? I know, pure torture! Do you have a home-cooked meal or eat out? Does your family dress up?
One food -- PECAN PIE -- hands down! It wasn't that hard to choose..
I grew up eating home-cooked meals. My Grandmother cooks up a MEAN Thanksgiving dinner! It is truly the BEST! Ask my brother, he would agree.
I bet she's cooking right now. Unfortunantly, she lives in NC and I live in AL.... AND I'll be staying home for Thanksgiving this year. I'm sad that I'll miss seeing my family this year, but I'm also happy to stay at home with my boys! I'll be doing a home-cooked meal. I'll be making some of my Grandmothers recipes. (Like Sweet Potato casserole and Asparagus Casserole).
Growing up, we would dress up a little to visit Grandmama, but not too formal. Since we are staying home.. I'm sure it will be jeans and a sweatshirt. Nice and comfy!


sandy 8:42 PM  

I have never made Pecan Pie before. I'll have to try it sometime. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving at home with your family:)

Tena 10:25 PM  

you and my hubby can be twins, pecan pie is his favorite

Staci 10:51 PM  

We're all about comfort here too! I hope you have a wonderful meal at home this year!

Tracye 12:06 AM  

i looooove pecan pie!

Momstart 12:17 AM  

I love pecan pie.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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