Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas of Dreams - Day 5

Hi all,
We are in Day 5 of the Blog party hosted by MomDot.com.

What do you do to give back during the holidays? Do you volunteer your time? If so, please tell us where. What do you do to teach your children the true meaning of the holidays?

There are a couple things we do to "give back" during the holiday season.
1- We fill 2 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.
(these are collected at the preschool my son attends)
2- We give our gently used toys to Toy drives. (held in Nov)
3- We give canned goods to food drives hosted by the schools.
This year our donations were given to the Bay Area Food Bank.
4. Something new, I donated a bunch of handmade ornaments
and stocking stuffers to a Medical Unit serving overseas. (hosted by
a fellow Soldier's Angel.)
5. I'll be sending a box of goodies to my adopted Solider in the next 2 weeks.

I truly wish I had more time to volunteer. I do work 40-45 hours a week to help
keep my family afloat, so time is precious. Maybe once my boys get a little bigger we can all volunteer our time helping others.
(Which reminds me. I saw a great photo in our local paper a few days ago, where there was a group of random teenage kids putting together boxes at the Bay Area Food Bank. It was great to see all those young faces working together to help others).

What do I do to teach my children the true meaning of the holidays?
I try to be myself! True meaning of the holidays.... I know what it's suppose to be! Isn't is something we should practice all year long? I mean... family... thankfulness... giving back... all those things... Why do we have to wait until the holidays to do those thing? The way I teach my children about the true meaning, is to simply do the things I do all year long.
Make family time special...
Let my children know how much I love them...
Give back year around...
Be thankful for all that I have...

There's a lot more I have to say about this subject... but remember the lack of volunteer hours? Well.. I better get back to work!

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Tena 10:59 AM  

Operation Christmas Child- I love this one as well! Seems like you do so much during the season, you rock!

Stephanie 11:00 AM  

Melissa, I love to stuff shoeboxes, too! Thanks for reminding us to give year round.

Julie@Cool Mom Guide 12:33 PM  

You do so many wonderful things. I think you sped your time quite well and are very helpful!

Natalie 1:13 PM  

It is hard when you are a working mom to volunteer your time! I understand completely!

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind 2:27 PM  

It's great to see how giving everyone is. I can't believe how many people participate in Operation Christmas Child. It's truly amazing!

Anonymous 4:30 PM  

My 7th grader did something similar to the Soldier's Angel last month, called Soldier's Wish List. It's probably my favorite thing we've done, soldiers give up so much through the holiday season, I couldn't even imagine!!!

Tracye 5:59 PM  

that's awesome how much you do!

Anonymous 8:20 PM  

Pack a shoe box! This is a great idea. I went to the web site and searched for a local drop-off location. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sarah 4:00 PM  

I think you hit on all the ones we try to participate in. Kudos to you for doing all of this AND being Mom And working full time! You made the heroes list today!

Momstart 4:09 PM  

You do a lot, I can't believe I haven't been to your blog before. Maybe it just looks different. hmm. I'm going to have a look around

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