Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas of Dreams -- Day 10

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Do you decorate for the holidays? Do you have a themed tree? Share pics! Do you think there is such thing as OVER decorating?
Do I decorate, why of course I do. I love pulling out all the red and green and silver decor! I love putting up a fresh green Christmas tree decorated with white lights and tons of mix match ornaments. Yes, we have a theme... it's call Eclectic Christmas. We do have lots of Santas to decorate with... Not sure why I love them so much.. I just do.

About over decorating... I have seen a couple houses that are a tad bit over decorated on the exterior... You know what I'm talking about.. That house you can see a mile away as you drive down the street. It lights up the night sky... and burning through electricity like it's free. So I guess the answer is YES, there is such a thing as over decorating IMO.


Julie@Cool Mom Guide 1:50 PM  

HAHAHAHHAHA! I read your comment on my post, you hit that right on the head! {hugs}!!!

Michelle@lifeinawhirlwind 1:54 PM  

What cute pictures. I love the stockings - those are beautiful stocking holders. You mean electricity isn't free??!

Tena 6:50 PM  

adorable pictures! Your decorations sound ( and look) lovely!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama 6:53 PM  

Great pictures! Have a great Thanksgiving!

Staci 9:44 PM  

Great photos & beautiful decorations. We have an eclectic Christmas too.

Tracye 11:20 PM  

Beautiful pictures!

Momstart 12:18 AM  

I love it, and your house is so clean

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