Monday, July 14, 2008

OH YES! Publix is coming my way!!!

So today I read that Publix is putting up a couple stores in the county
right next to where I live. I AM DOING A HAPPY DANCE TODAY!
This is wonderful wonderful news! If they are building in Baldwin county
now, hopefully they will move into Mobile county next.
(so as soon as these stores are up and running... every time I go to the
beach... I'll surely be doing a Publix run!)

We have a friend that works as a store manager for Food World
(I think as a part of Bi Lo)
But he was saying that Food World will probably not last that much longer.

Maybe Pubix will buy out the Food World stores... oh yes! I'm lovin' it!


Sarah @ Fiddledeedee 9:11 PM  

Congratulations!!! The deals are Publix definitely ARE great, especially if you live where they allow coupon doubling. How exciting!

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