Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Favorite Things - July 15th

Sarah over at Fiddledeedee hosts a "My Favorite Things" post each Tuesday and here's mine

for the week of July 15th.


If you are not familar with the term "thickers" then you are NOT a scrapbooker!

These are one of my all time favorite scrapbooking items. They are manufactured by American Crafts and sold at most local Scrapbooking stores.

Thickers are letter and shaped stickers that are thicker than a normal sticker and are made from several different mediums. Thickers can be made from chipboard, foam, felt, vinyl and glitter.

These babies come in all sorts of fun and colorful fonts. They are great for embellishing your scrapbook page or adding a title.


Sarah @ Fiddledeedee 8:59 PM  

I have used these, but wasn't aware of the correct terminology for them! They are great though, especially for titling pages.

Now I can enter the scrapbook store without fear ;)

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