Sunday, August 03, 2008

What have you been up to?

Hey Ya'll

Little update from the Eschler's.

We are in the middle of trying to sell this house we inherited.
We've had lots of people looking but no offers as of yet. We have
2 more families coming today to take a look. We REALLY REALLY
want to sell this house. It's nice and all... but WAY too big. I know, I know,
poor me complaining about a big house. But seriously, how much room
does one really need?
This house is over 5000 Sq feet plus there is a 1800 sq foot workshop.
Here's the thing... First it's out in the country.. which is nice.. but quite
a drive from everything. Next... it take lots of time cleaning! And
also lots of time working on the yard... (for example, it took Steve over 5 hours
to cut the grass on a riding lawn mower.)
One other biggie for me is the lack of high speed internet. We do have satellite
service through Hughes, but when you are use to cable... you can really tell the
difference. ALSO with the satellite, I'm not able to work from home. That forces
me to rent an office closer to town... time away from home stinks when you are use to
working from home. (BTW, prior to moving to AL, I had been working from home
for over 7 years) With the price of gas.. you can see how this is not a positive, right?

ALSO, if we sell this house... we'll be able to pay off some debt... live closer to town...
I can work from home... I won't have to spend all day on Sat cleaning (oh yeah!)...Jacob
can ride the bus to and from school... (OH and that's another thing... I won't have to put
Jacob into after school care... cause he can just come home and be with me for the rest of the day
(which is a savings of $60 a week.. hello, that's a lot of $)

So, to all the powers that be... please help us sell this house!
Looking for some good vibes.. prayers.. or whatever suits your fancy... please send
them our way. Please? with a cherry on top?

Other stuff.
So we inherited this house (along with Steve's brothers)
but we've taken on the responsibility of cleaning out the workshop.. It is FULL
of stuff. Steve's father use to refinish antiques so there's a BUNCH of stuff
we are trying to sell. We've been trying to get rid of this stuff at the local flea
market and so far so good. We are getting rid of some.. but it may take
us a full year to get rid of it all.

I'm starting to learn that "Stuff" is way over rated!


The Hotel Cafe 12:22 PM  

wow! That sounds like a hassle! I wish I could live in a country home but oh well, I'm a So Cali native, I'll be stuck here forever! It's nice though, just a lot of hustle bustle! Well good luck with it!

Cheryl 7:49 AM  

Good luck on selling the house! As a former Antique dealer (and Antique shop owner x2) I almost had a hear attack at the mention of the shed/workshop. WOW!!!! Wish I could take a peek at all the stuff hiding in there.

5000 sq feet? WOW. 5 hours to mow? WOW squared! I could put my little house in your living room.

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