Sunday, August 17, 2008

Shops I Fancy at Etsy

Hi All,
Just virtually shopping this AM and found a few new Etsy shops I thought I'd share.
The beautiful colors displayed in this shop caught my eye right away. This artist creates neat little objects using glass tiles and Japanese chiyogami (old-paper). There are thumb tacks sold in cute little embellished tins, beautiful pendant necklaces, and even a little pair of salt and pepper

No images due to request from the Artist's shop, so you MUST go check this out for yourself.
This artist really makes me wish I could sew! There is a pot holder, YES, a pot holder that
caught my eye. Little bird... Amy Bulter fabric... TOO CUTE!
She also does a turtle shaped pot holder.. also ADORABLE!
AND precious onesies! GO check it OUT!


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