Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yep, it's my birthday! Yahoo! Yesterday my MIL took my whole family to the
water park in Gulf Shores, AL. We had a BLAST! Jacob, my oldest threw a big
ole' fit when it was time to go. Man, we had fun!
I'm sure we'll be going back there again.
As for today, I have NOTHING planned. Oh I'm sorry, I lied! I have one
little thing planned. We are meeting the family that will be buying our HOUSE! (the big ass one here in Alabama, that I don't want to clean) YEP, yesterday
Steve struck a deal with a lady that contacted us a couple months ago about buying the house. They've wanted the home for a while, but have some property they must sell before making the full purchase, so we are going to do a lease to buy. All in all, it works for us and this family...
TO say the least, I'M STOKED! Now that's the kind of birthday
present only one can dream about.


Cari 8:05 AM  


and congrats on the house situation! no more cleaning that big o' house;)

NancyJones 8:14 PM  

HAPPPYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!!!!!! sorry I missed saying happy birthday to you girl. Its been crazy!

Cheryl 9:07 AM  

I had posted a Birthday greeting on the SY site but can't believe I forgot to talk to you about it on the phone yesterday.

HAPPY< HAPPY! So happy for you and your family. It was so good to hear the relief & happiness in your voice.

Miss you!

Jenn 12:23 PM  

Congrats on selling the house!

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