Saturday, August 04, 2007

More Swap layouts

Layout by Jill
Photos of Steve and I hiking
in Colorado.

Another layout by Jill
Photos taken in Charleston, SC
during a Hootie and the Blow Fish
concert. Guessing around 1994 or 95

Layout by Dianne
Sorry Dianne... I changed the title on this one
so I could use it with this photo.
Photo taken in Colorado Springs, CO
in 2000 (or so)
This was taken at our Apartment on
Academy -- small little place we rented together.

Layout by Robin
Photos of Terrilyn and I at her parents
mountain house in GA back in 1994 or so.
They have a thing called Clover Fest every
June... cause when her parents bought this
vacation home in the mountains, her mother found
a four leaf clover in the backyard. It is a beautiful home!
We partied so hard that week... and LAUGHed so much... man, those were the days.

Layout by Patsy -- old old swap layout.
Well, the photos are a bit older.
These photos were taken at Disney world
when there was only the Magic Kingdom.
This is me and my Mom.

Layout by Jill
Sorry Jill, had to change the title on this one
Rainbow photos I took while living out in
Castle Rock, CO. I was driving home from work when I spotted this beautiful site!

Layout by Amanda. Older swap layout

This is my Grandmother Smith in 1994
at my parents home at Christmas.
She still looks just like this today!
I really miss her (she lives in NC)

Layout by Amanda.
Photos of my Grandmother Patterson
(mom's Mom)
The second photo is my Aunt Cathy, Grandmama and my Mom (Rhonda).

Layout by Tamera.

Photos taken LONG time ago
(probably around 1993 or 94)
Girls night out!

If I remember correctly, this Layout was created by Jenn K.
Not your typical Halloween layout, but the colors matched with the photos so I went for it.
Why not, it's better than them still sitting in an old box.
Photos of my brother and I at Halloween.
(along with my doggie Lucy)
This was during a time when you didn't get to choose what you would be at Halloween... you just wore what you got... and were happy about it.
Looks like we were a couple of Easter bunnies...LOL!

Layout by Tamera.
Photos taken during the Aspen Colorado Hotair
Balloon festival.

Layout by Patsy from an older swap.
I had the hardest time trying to figure out what
photos to go on this... and I had these 2 sitting on my desk and thought about the amazing changes that have occured in only 2 short years.

Layout by Tamera
I wasn't sure how the photos were suppose to be placed... but this worked out oK.
These photos were from a Mixer in College with the Pi Kapps. FUN TIMES!

Layout by Michelle.
I couldn't remeber how this one was suppose to go... but Lukas climbing up on the bed went perfect with this cool title Michelle made.
Lukas climbs on everything... even climbs out of his crib now!


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