Thursday, August 03, 2006

Final Round -- My Amazing Grandma

I decided to do an altered bookz from Junkitz.
It's shaped like a book and made out of some sort
of Wood type product... with an accordian album in the center.

It's about my Grandmama Patterson.
Used lots of Walnut ink, Wild asparagus papers,
machine stitching, cool new technique of mixing
ink refill with crystal glaze (on the word amazing),
photo turns, sanding and tiny bit of fabric (LOL).

So this is the front -- and it ties on the right.

View from the top -- slightly opened

Opened -- showing journaling on front cover.
Just a few facts about my grandmama.

The whole accordian pulled out.

pages 1&2
Grandmama at 6 years old and 9 years old.

Pages 3 & 4
Grandmama at 17 years old
and my papa and Grandmama together
(19 years old)

Pages 5, 6 and 7

Grandmama with my mother (22 years old)
Grandmama working (25 years old)
Grandmama with my mother, aunt and uncles
(34 years old)

Back cover


Anonymous 1:14 PM  

This album is absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Brings warm fuzzy about my Grandma.

Robin 1:37 PM  

Very Nice!!

Holly 3:26 PM  

Melissa, this is gorgeous!!! It's wonderful that you have such fabulous pictures of your grandmother and this is a beautiful way to celebrate her! Awesome work (and they'd be morons to not let you on the DT).

~~Lu~~ 6:00 PM  

Gorgeous !! I really love this!! I'll be crossing my fingers for ya!

JenSmack 5:14 PM  

Oh this is sooo good! LOVE IT!

Maria 9:23 PM  

Oh, Girl! You are brilliant! What a beautiful way to say I love you Grandmama!
Melissa the reason your work shines is because you pour what's in your heart into it and it just overflows and spills down the sides! Gorgeous, gorgeous, job!

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