Monday, August 21, 2006


This web has been outside our front door for a few days.
Today was the first day I could actually see the spider spinning this web. The web is about 5 feet long. It's huge. So I go to take a look at this spider and I see this strange thing.. kinda looks like
a crab! It's got these orangish/redish spikes on it's back.


~~Lu~~ 11:29 PM  

OMGosh!! YUCK!!! That is scary looking!! Never seen one like that before!!!

Jenn 7:22 AM  

VERY creepy!! But isn't it cool how delicate but strong those webs are? As long as they're OUTSIDE my house, I'm always fascinated by them. The webs. Not the spiders. *shudder* Especially that weird one!

Jenn K

Kingfisher 9:11 AM  

Google Gasteracantha cancriformis
I believe that is your new pet

Robin 1:47 PM  

Wild!! I'm going to have to go check out that name kingfisher posted. YUCK!!

Robin 1:53 PM  

EWWW!! I googled it. It is called a Spinybacked orbweaver spider. Check this out.

Looks like it is a Florida thing.

bob 10:05 AM  

We have orb weavers in Missouri, but not spiny like that what a cool looking creature!

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