Friday, August 04, 2006

Blog Challenge - Aug 4th

What 10 (or more) places would you really love to visit? Have you been there before? Share stories if you have!!!

1- Greek Islands -- I've heard wonderful stories about the beaches there.
2- Spain
3- Italy
4- Japan (anywhere)
5- Virgin Islands
6- Hawaii
7- Redwood Forest and Wine country (CA)
9-Grand Canyon
10-Costa Rica
Ok -- so I don' t have just 10 places
11- Bali
13- Belize
14- Zimbabwe (or anywhere safe in Africa)

Ok I'll stop!


njscrapdiva 4:29 PM  

Great places...
Greece is is Hawaii... so is the wine country in CA... and Grand Canyon!!!

I'd love to go to all of your other places as well!!!!

I know...lets go together...LOL!

Lu 11:00 AM  

Hey these are great, can I go with ya? lol

OK I'm passing the potato - go find it at Robins !!!

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