Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bell-Bell and the 1st day of School

Both Jacob and Lukas started back to school on August 10th. Jacob's 1st grade teacher is Ms Lee. (I wasn't able to get a photo of
her, it was crazy at the school).
Anyway, here's a photo of Jacob (acting scared)
outside of his classroom.

This is Jacob standing with one of his friends from Summer Camp (Cole).

AND here is Ms Bell-Bell! Actually, this is Luke's new Pre-K teacher Ms Robin Seitz. Her sister has become a friend of mine recently and told me a funny story of how Robin LOVES Bell Peppers.

When she was a little girl she called them Bell-Bells. I guess when she was about 3 years old she climbed up a telephone pole and wouldn't come back down unless she got a "Bell-Bell"

Too funny! In the next photo you can see the Bell-Bell we brought her for the 1st day of school.


MariaK 8:16 PM  

Now hold on just a doggone minute there....those look like young men and they couldn't possibly be those adorable little baby boys I remember!!! Where does the time go?

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