Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A little funny

This morning I'm upstairs getting dressed and I hear this noise..
so I walk downstairs to find Jacob in the laundry room. He had the washer
opened and was pulling out clothes, so I asked him "what are you doing?"
He responded with "putting the wet clothes in the dryer" so I asked "why
are you doing that?" (because he's never done that before, nor have I asked him to--
heck he's only four.)
He responded with "I just 'feeled' like it." Too funny!
He did know how to turn the dryer on.. so I think we are moving in the right
Now, to make him "feeled" like folding them!


Amanda 3:17 PM  

That is tooo funny! I totally agree, moving in the right direction, LOL because remember this when he is a teen , because he wont want to do this anymore!!

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