Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Blog challenge - Day 1

This will be a true challenge for me because I don't know if I've ever posted 2 days in a row
much less than 30 days. I'll give it a whirl!

15 Facts about me.
(interesting, hmm.. maybe to some.. maybe very boring to others)

1. I've lived in NC, SC, CO, FL and now AL. ANd no my husband is not in the

2. I've worked for Oracle for 12 years. (I completely did not plan that!)

3. I've worked at home full time for over 9 years, which really works for me
and my family. I LOVE being here when my boys arrive home from school.

4. My favorite City in the US is Charleston, SC. I adore that place.

5. I love coffee, but I love Coffee mate creamer even more. I drink at least
one cup of coffee a day but would love to have 3 cups... ok ok.. I actually drink
closer to 2. (but don't tell anyone, I'm not suppose to)

6. My degree is in Early Childhood Education but I only taught school for a couple years.
I loved it, but I decided to go back to school so I could actually get a job where I could
make a living. I loved teaching and I have the up most respect for teachers, but I don't
know how they survive financially.

7. I hate roaches

8. I miss seeing my brother (He lives in NC and I live in AL and we only get to see
each other about twice a year)

9. Last year I walked 60 miles for the Susan G Komen 3 day and in about 3 weeks I'll be doing it again.

10. I love Coke!

11. I get motion sickness easily.

12. I have 2 boys. Jacob is 8 and Lukas is 5. They make my heart swell and I love them so!

13. I love the internet and email.

14. I adore all music by Jack Johnson. I would love to see him in concert, but I might just have to fly to Hawaii to do that... hint hint!

15. I'm somewhat of an introvert, so this is hard.


holly 11:29 AM  

this challenge sounds like there a website hosting it or something? i'd love to play along...

2) i use oracle at work :)
3) i don't get to work at home anymore :(
4) you have good taste
5) i can't stand coffee mate creamer (but LOVE coffee)
7) ditto. used to have nightmares about them when i was a kid (though i think in Gtown they were technically called "palmetto bugs"...equally gross)
8) come vist your brother and see me while you're here

Ashley 1:38 PM  

Great challenge Melissa! I also have trouble update my blog! :) Facebook and email are so much sometimes I forget about it. Good luck in your walk this year. Isn't is coming up soon?

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