Friday, June 05, 2009

Talk about neglect!

Wow, it's been a long time since my last confession, oh I mean blog update.
I've been super busy with setting up a fundraiser scrapbooking crop. I'm so excited about the crop. The crop is scheduled for July 18th at Sonrise Baptist Church in Mobile, AL.
I'm trying to raise money for the Breast Cancer 3day walk I'll be participating
in starting Oct 30th!
I'm so happy to say that I've fill ALL SEATS for the crop! AND I have a nice
waiting list! I'm overjoyed at the response I've gotten about the 3day walk and the

Check this out... so I was cleaning out Luke's dresser and closet ... and boxed
up some clothes and shoes he could no longer wear. I decided I would offer
the box of clothes on our Mobile, AL Freecycle site. (it's a Yahoo group)
So I offer the box of clothes via email... I got about 25 people emailing me back
telling me they could really use the clothes.. yada, yada! Well one lady
said she had twin 18 month old boys and that she could use the clothes..
So I email her back and we arrange for a pickup. Her husband and older
daughter drop by that night and pick up the clothes. Great! Now I have
more room in Luke's dresser for summer clothes!
I get an email the next morning with a Thank you from the mother
and I email her back saying that I hope she's able to use everything.
So I think, ah that is really nice! Well, later I get another email, but it's from
the 3day walk. The email tells me that a lady named "Sarah" has made a
donation to the walk... I'm taken back a little because I wasn't really sure who
"Sarah" was.... Well, it dawned on me who "Sarah" was... She was the
lady who took the box of clothes! Can you believe that? A perfect stranger
donated! NOT only that, she wrote up the sweetest mail and sent it to all of her friends.

"A new friend of mine, Melissa, is preparing to participate in a 3 day walk to raise money for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Melissa will be walking in honor of her mother as well as in memory of others. In order to participate Melissa must raise $2300. So far she has raised $1600 and is 72% of the way to her goal. I figure with 32 more small donations of just $20 she will reach her goal. If you feel like you have $20 (or more) to contribute to the cause, click the link and donate. The funds go directly to the organization.
Thanks! Sarah"

AND guess what! One of Sarah's friends also donated! I was very touched by Sarah's
generosity and support! Thank you Sarah!
In this world we live in there are all kinds of bad things happening.. or at least that's what
we read in the newspaper or see on the nightly news program. I'm so happy to be expriencing some of the good things!


MariaK 8:35 PM  

You deserve to have nice things happen to you...hope you get a whole bunch more of these little blessings!!! xoxo

Nicole 5:12 PM  

I needed a nice story today, thanks Melissa for posting

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