Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My new LOVE!

This is our new baby. HER name is Finn. She is a chocolate lab and she is about 8 weeks old. Isn't she adorable?
If you have house trained a puppy or doggie, I'd love to hear your advice.


fred 2:41 PM  

She is beautiful. She looks very happy. What changed your mind? What did the boys say? You should get the book tomorrow. Read it as soon as possible especially the house breaking and walking on leash parts first.

Julie@Cool Mom Guide 2:57 PM  

oh! I love her I just LOVE HER! YAY!!!

Holly 2:55 PM  

oh my gosh - she is the most beautiful thing!!! so incredibly precious!! it makes me want more dogs (not exactly something i need right now!!)
it seems like forever since we potty trained rio...we did enroll him in some basic puppy training classes but i think he was trained before that.
good luck with finn (love the name)

babbler 1:18 PM  

You asked for some puppy training advice, here is the best one I know....when the puppy makes a mess in the house, put it on a newspaper. allow the smell to stay there awhile, then toss the offending poop into a baggie and out to the trash. Keep the paper in the house, and every time the puppy poops or pees in the house, take the poop and the puppy to the paper and praise the puppy for putting the poop right there. The puppy will naturally go wherever it has "marked" the most. Say "Good girl" every time you get the desired poop on the paper. Once you get a dog door, you can take the paper outside and train the pup to move the process out of doors. This technique has worked for a rabbit and cat and bird. You must make sure that there is no smell leftover from any poops or pees that get misplaced. Use vinegar to erase the mishaps. Good luck with her!

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