Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oh I will miss Publix!

So today I headed to Publix to pick up a few BOGO deals
and I think I'm going to miss that place after we move. Boohoo!
I think the only place to shop in AL is Winn-Dixie - poo!

Ya never know, I might be able to find some good deals there too.

Anyway, thanks to Sarah at
I was able to save a total of $29.16 today.
Spent only $25.88
I got
2 Bags of Lays Chips (BOGO free) = 3.79/2 -- $1.90 each
Gallon of Milk = 3.99
2 Jars of Vlasic pickles (BOGO free) = 2.69 Plus 2 $1.00 coupons = .69/2 -- .35 each
Box of Juice pouches = 1.67
Kraft cheddar stick snacks 3.99-2.00 coupon = 1.99
2 Bottles Kraft dressing (BOGO free) 2.69 plus a .75 coupon = 1.94/ -- .97 each
Bertolli Tomato Basil pouch 2.55 - $1.00 coupon = 1.55
Cooking spray - 2.49
2 Boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice (BOGO Free) 1.39 - plus a 1.00 coupon = .39/2 -- .20 each
Totino's pizza rolls 1.50 - .50 coupon = 1.00
Canned Pineapple = 1.15
Canned Pear slices = 1.17
2 bottles A-1 sauce (BOGO free) 3.85 plus two $1.00 coupons = 1.85/2 -- .93 each
2 packs of Keebler Cookies (BOGO free) 3.09 - 1.00 coupon = 2.09/2 -- 1.05 each

I'm pretty pleased!
Ok so I know I don't have anything here to make a meal.. but I was just stocking up for the
most part. Plus can you beat .20 for a box of Rice? (that your kids will actually eat!)

I also went to CVS this week...
spent all of my ECBs...
got 4 packs of soda/lemonade
Some free toothpaste and a new toothbrush
Free Tums -- plus I'll get 3.99 rebate in a few weeks.
Pack of Skittles for the boys
Large Pack of Pull ups
Bottle of wine
Shaving cream
Allergy med
Total out of pocket -- $4.29 -- AND that's only because I bought the wine! But it was good!


Carrie 10:42 AM  

Now Mel, you know you are just buying more stuff that you will have to pack, right! :-P
Looks like you found some great deals. I wish we had stores close to us that I could do that with. I will be happy to have the Rite Aid when they are finished building. thanks for all the great sites!

Sarah @ Fiddledeedee 1:55 PM  

Great job on your Publix deals!!! Don't you love it when your amount saved is more than the amount you have to pay? Thanks for the link ;)

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