Wednesday, September 26, 2007

THE boy is playing soccer!

Well, he is running up and down the field but he has NO idea
how to play soccer. YET!!! He'll learn!
Couple pictures, enjoy!

This is the work up before the game.
They were standing in line to kick the
soccer ball in the goal and Jacob was jumping
up and down with excitement! IT was
so cute. (No one else was that excited. LOL!)

Quick shot during the game.

Here's their coach telling them which way
to kick the ball. The one little boy with the blonde hair was the one kid who actually knew how to play soccer. He also, would NOT give up!
Jacob is on the far right... following the herd.

QUick shot after the game.

ANother quick shot after the game.
(BTW, he was drinking Gatorade
that's why his mouth looks blue)


~~Lu~~ 8:37 PM  

These are great!! We did soccer too, wasn't it fun watching them not knowing what to do?! lol Love the blue lip! LOL
You've been tagged!

Holly 3:48 PM  

Super cute!!! The boys all look so tiny. It's adorable to watch them at this age. I love how they all run on the field in a "pack" LOL!

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