Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our NEW house is ON THE WAY!

Today was the first day I've been up to see our land, which really isn't just land anymore! Our builder has started our house and just LOOK AT IT! I'm so excited.

This is the front view.
It's 3 stories.. Bottom level is all garage and storage.
Second level is the living area, office, laundry, eat in kitchen and extra "game-room"
The third level has 3 bedrooms. The master suite plus 2 bedrooms for the boys.

This photo was taken while I'm standing in the "game-room" looking out the back. There will be french doors and a screened in porch.

This photo was taken while standing on the porch. We met one of our neighboors and he said this is high-tide. So it should be as far as the water will come up. He let us go check out his back yard and he had a cool deck and "boardwalk" out to the water. We couldn't put in a big boat, but we could put in canoes or a kayak. (the larger body of water is to the right of this photo... through a little inlet).

Another photo of the front of the house.

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Jenny A 8:11 PM  

that is one beautiful lot you have. that house is huge. how exciting for you. CONGRATS

~~Lu~~ 10:24 AM  

I can't wait to see it finished!

Anonymous 9:52 AM  

That is a BEAUTIFUL lot and I can't wait to see a final pic of the house when it is completed! Hopefully you will be having some crops there? LOL

Jenn 1:44 PM  

How GORGEOUS!! I'm excited to see the whole process! Love the house, but the lot is AMAZING!

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