Saturday, February 27, 2010

layouts from this week

Pretty in Pink
photos of Lukas wearing my bathrobe.
I did this for a challenge in a group called

Big Flirt
Photo of Lukas a year ago at is birthday party
in the park. (w/ Hannah)

Love You
Photo of Jacob right before his
first birthday. (he's 7 now)

BTW, I made those cool green
buttons out of polymer clay.


sarah 10:21 AM  

i LOVE the simplicity of your designs!!! it's absolutely STUNNING!

thanks so much for sharing those. you've give me inspo to play today!


Liz @ Sweetwatersavings 11:26 AM  

OK Melissa,
You have totally inspired me with all your craftiness. I am determined to get some of my scrapbook projects done and my photos organized! Now if I could only find a few more hours in the day:)
♥ Liz

HappyMom2010 5:44 PM  

Love how you put together your layouts...
Thanks for the inspiration!


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