Sunday, September 14, 2008

Missing in Action... not really!

Hey Ya'll,
I haven't updated in FOREVER, but I'm not missing thankfully
(as my family might not be able to handle it),

Well it's the middle of the month and we are almost 100% packed
(AGAIN!) We are to be out of this house by October 1st! It's funny,
but I'm excited to move to a smaller house. Less sweeping, less dusting,
less places for things to get lost... you get my drift, right? SIMPLE! That's
how I want it for a while... simple living!

On Friday, Steve's step-brother is flying in for the weekend. He will help
to move all the heavy things. Then through out the rest of the month, we'll
move the other stuff. I sure hope they get a lot moved on Friday! (hint hint..
while I'm working!) I plan on taking a few days off work to get some stuff
moved and unpacked.

On Sat, we are having a little farewell party... farewell to this house that's been
in Steve's family for over 20 years. (his Dad built the house over 20 years ago)
We'll have a little cookout.. eat some ribs...drink some beer, Oh I mean soda!
I'm going to dub this party as a birthday party for Jacob. Poor little guy! No
real birthday party this year. Just too much going on to throw a party for
a bunch of 6 year olds. I'll just have a special cake on Saturday for Jacob
and a couple gifts. He'll be happy. (as he sits beside me as I type. He is still
in his PJs and playing his DS lite, which he got as an early birthday gift from
us. He's been playing that thing all day... he just got a new game in the mail
yesterday from his Great Aunt Barb. (THANK YOU AUNT BARB!) He loves IT!
And so does his DAD!

Today I went shopping... ALONE! YEP.. just little ole me! AND IT WAS WONDERFUL!
I hit Walgreens, Winn Dixie and Walmart.
At Walgreens I spent 9.57, but saved 39.97. CRAZY!
(and I tried to pay with my gift card, but it was empty and I thought it
should have over $16.00 on there)
At Winn Dixie I spent 38.19, but saved 22.94.
Lastly, at Walmart I spent 72.20 but only saved 9.00 in coupons.
(I bought ribs, wings, brats and other things for the cookout next weekend)
A little over my budget, but you can't invite people for a party and NOT have food
and drinks, right!

Well, I'll stop for now.


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