Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beginning to look a "little" like Christmas

This week we started decorating our home for Christmas.
Here are a few shots of what we've done so far.

Here's a shot of a part of my Santa Collection.

This is one of my favorite Santas.

Here's a quick shot of a new tradition we've started this year. These elves belonged to my mom until I requested them last year. I remember having them growing up. Well, a friend (Cami B.) did a layout last year about this tradition she learned of through a website
that sells elves that look just like this, plus a book
that tells a real cute story.
I've not read the story yet but it has something to do with the elves being magical and they will go see Santa every night until Christmas. They will tell Santa about the Children of the home they are visiting. These elves will leave every night and try to hide somewhere new each day.
I must say, Jacob LOVES this! It's the first thing he does when he comes downstairs in the AM.
He searches around until he finds the elves and then he will even tell them "Good Morning!"
We are using these elves like nobodies business! If Jacob gets out of line ... or starts whinning... we just say.. "The elves are watching!" OR "Do I need to go speak to the elves about this behavior?" It is SOOOOOO working .. for now anyway.

And this last shot.. didn't turn out so well.
BUT I think it looks pretty good in real life.
I bought this wreath last week at Target. IT has
little tiny green leaves and red berries all over..
and it's kinda rustic.... I also bought the Stockings
and hangers... I LOVE the stars!


Marie 12:28 PM  

How cute! Love ur pretty wreath and stockings and those hangers are cute!!! Love it all!

Holly 2:16 PM  

super cute elves...glad the new method is working!

i love the wreath and stockings and stars. awesome!!!

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