Saturday, September 09, 2006

Layout for today

This layout is for the Survivor contest I'm in on Scrappin_Fun. I think this is either round 2 or 3, I can't remember. We were sent the following items to be used on a layout.
2 small mosaic tiles (on bottom left corner)
1 dymo label "Embrace" (in slant pocket)
Orange and yellow ribbon (on word strips)
Large Orange snap(dot for the letter J)
Wooden Star(on corner of photo)
Slash pocket (under photo)
6x6 square orange Mulberry (under photo and used as word strips)
stickers: knife, spoon and fork. -- (which I promptly cut up and placed on the tag with the Letter L on top) It's hard to tell, but the stickers are silver and the letter L is black.

This is a recent photo of Lukas playing with his dad.


~~Lu~~ 12:21 PM  

Great use of the pieces! Glad I didn't get them! lol

njscrapdiva 5:17 PM  

Oh my word MELISSA!
I'm SO impressed! This is amazing! You did an awesome job and I'm SO glad that I didn't have to go head to head with you on this challenge! LOL! :)

**BTW...passing the potato to Holly's blog at 6:13 EST (9/11)**

Jenn 10:06 PM  

Really loved this layout, btw, in case I didn't tell you! :-) I just love how when we do challenges like this, everyone manages to come up with a layout in their style with the same starting point! This is a great example of your classy and fun style!

bob 7:11 PM  

Melissa, this one and the last one were definitely my favorites! You guys did AWESOME using all that crazy stuff Jenn sent!

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